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MicroRNAs Theranostics and Cancer: the Future is Now.

Lead Editor:

    Professor Roberto Gambari
    Ferrara University, Italy

MicroRNAs are short (20-30 nucleotides in length) non-coding RNAs deeply involved in the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Of great impact in applied pre-clinical research is the fact that miRNAs are strictly involved in human pathologies, including tumor onset and progression. Accordingly, targeting microRNAs involved in cancer is an interventional option gaining attractions in the last few years. In fact, the complex network linking microRNA activity with the expression of genes involved in the onset and progression of cancer is becoming clear and druggable. For instance, onco-miRNAs and metastamiRNAs (up-regulated in cancer and usually down-regulating tumor-suppressor mRNAs) can be targeted by a variety of antisense molecules, leading to inhibition of tumor-associated biological functions; on the contrary, mimicking tumor-suppressor miRNAs (down-regulated in cancer and usually down-regulating mRNAs coding oncoproteins) can be obtained by cell transfection with pre-miRNA molecules for the restoration of this tumor-suppressor activity. In spite of the fact that this description over-simplifies an extremely complex process, it sustains the concept that miRNA-therapeutics (and diagnostics) deserve attention in the field of translational applied oncology. Partial list of the topics to be considered: -miRNAs involved in tumor onset and progression: updates and applications to diagnostics; -miRNAs involved in tumor onset and progression: applications to the development of therapeutic protocols; -Usefulness of miRNA-based molecular diagnosis for personalized treatment of cancer; -Liquid Biopsy for detection of circulating miRNAs involved in tumors; -Novel technologies; -miRNA therapeutics for cancer; -Combing miRNA therapy and chemotherapy; -Delivery of biomolecules for miRNA therapy; -Nanomedicine; -Patenting miRNA therapeutics of cancers; -Clinical trials.

Submission deadline: 09/05/2024