Apply to join the Editorial Board

Spandidos Publication is currently recruiting Editorial Board Members to join our Editorial Board. Researchers with a background in the following subject areas are invited to apply to the corresponding journal:

  • Oncology Letters: clinical oncology, chemotherapy, oncogenes, carcinogenesis, metastasis, epidemiology and viral oncology.
  • International Journal of Oncology: carcinogenesis, metastasis, epidemiology, chemotherapy and viral oncology.
  • Molecular and Clinical Oncology: molecular and clinical research, ranging from biochemistry to immunology, pathology, genetics, human genomics, microbiology, molecular pathogenesis, molecular cardiology, molecular surgery and molecular psychology.
  • International Journal of Oncology: oncology research, including carcinogenesis, metastasis, epidemiology, chemotherapy and viral oncology.
  • Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine: biology, gene therapy, infectious disease, microbiology, molecular cardiology and molecular surgery.
  • Molecular and Clinical Oncology: clinical oncology, chemotherapy, oncogenes, metastasis and viral oncology.
  • Biomedical Reports: pharmacology, pathology, gene therapy, genetics, microbiology, neurosciences, infectious diseases, molecular cardiology and molecular surgery.
  • Oncology Reports: carcinogenesis, metastasis and epidemiology.
  • Molecular Medicine Reports: pharmacology, pathology, genetics, neurosciences, infectious diseases, molecular cardiology and molecular surgery.
  • World Academy of Science Journal: natural and medical sciences.
  • International Journal of Functional Nutrition: functional nutrition.
  • International Journal of Epigenetics: epigenetics, modern genetics, medical genetics, genomics, metagenomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, molecular modelling, drug design, virology, stem cells and cell signalling.

The main aim of Spandidos Publications is to facilitate scientific communication in a clear, concise and objective manner, while striving to provide prompt publication of original works of high quality. Our journals largely concentrate on molecular and experimental medicine, oncology, clinical and experimental cancer treatment, and biomedical research. All journals published by Spandidos Publications Ltd. maintain the highest standards of quality, and the members of their Editorial Boards are world-renowned scientists.

Our Editorial Board Members should have a minimum of 15 research articles published in reputable, peer-reviewed journals published in English language, and should have been frequently listed as corresponding author (first or last author) during the last 5 years.

Editorial Board Members of Spandidos Publications must support the journal’s ethos, scope, editorial standards and policies, and must be committed to represent Spandidos Publications within the scientific community. In addition, our Editorial Board Members ensure that submitted manuscripts meet the requirements of our journals, and are handled efficiently and appropriately through peer-review.

Editorial Board Members are primarily responsible for i) assessing manuscripts for their suitability for peer review; ii) selecting suitable reviewers who meet the Journal’s requirements; iii) and recommend decisions based on the peer reviewers’ reports and their own assessment while adhering to Spandidos Publications’ editorial policies. They are also encouraged to take an active interest in journal development and promotional projects to help increase the visibility of our published research.

Editorial Board Members of Spandidos Publications enjoy the following benefits:

  • Editorial knowledge: Our Editorial Board Members have free access to dedicated editorial training and resources. Furthermore, they gain experience into the peer review process, which can be applied to their own research articles to maximize their chances of publication.
  • Career progression: Acting as an Editorial Board Member increases visibility for potential employers and funding bodies, and facilitates networking with other authors, reviewers and fellow board members in the field.
  • Contribute to advancements in the research community by facilitating the publication of scientifically sound, reproducible research.
  • Special issues: By suggesting and coordinating special issues, our Editorial Board Members can raise awareness of their research field, and raise their profile within the research community.
  • Early exposure to the latest research: Our Editorial Board Members have the opportunity to read the newest research before it is published, and by assessing reviewer reports, they can develop their own scientific knowledge through exposure to the expertise and opinions of their peers.
  • Contribute to the development of Spandidos Journals: Our Editorial Board Members help us to improve our publication processes by providing feedback.

If you are interested in becoming an Editorial Board Member for Spandidos Publications and you meet the aforementioned criteria above, please click here to submit your application.