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Highlights from the ‘Noncoding RNA world: From Mechanism to Therapy’ conference, July 21-23, 2021

Mona Kamal Saadeldin

Article Number: 64 Published online on: 20 October 2021
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Epidemiological characterization of influenza in Northern Mexico

Blanca E. Alvarez‑Salas, Kame A. Galán‑Huerta, Gerardo R. Padilla‑Rivas, Javier Ramos‑Jiménez, Consuelo Treviño‑Garza, Roberto Montes‑De‑Oca‑Luna, Manuel E. De‑La‑O‑Cavazos, Ana M. Rivas‑Estilla

Article Number: 63 Published online on: 20 October 2021
Article Open Access

Analysis of the use of blood parameters in COPD and ACOS for the purposes of disease differentiation

Duygu Zorlu

Article Number: 62 Published online on: 13 October 2021
Article Open Access

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in overweight and obese patients with COVID‑19

José Alfredo Gonzalez‑Ramirez, Julio C. Ramírez‑Nava, Sonia Gonzalez‑Lopez, Bettina Sommer, Héctor Solís‑Chagoyán, Luis M. Montaño, Bianca S. Romero‑Martínez, Edgar Flores‑Soto

Article Number: 61 Published online on: 12 October 2021
Article Open Access

Blood culture at 63 Japanese healthcare facilities

Takayuki Ohishi, Mayumi Ogawa, Etsuko Katsukura, Kazuya Imoto

Article Number: 60 Published online on: 07 October 2021
Article Open Access

Use of the modified Clavien‑Dindo classification to determine the risk factors for early complications following radical gastrectomy and the effect of such complications on long‑term prognosis

Jun Ma, Ying Wang, Shuihong Yu, Chaoping Zhou, Datian Wang, Daibin Tang, Guoqin Jiang, Yaming Zhang

Article Number: 59 Published online on: 24 September 2021
Review Open Access

Vaspin and its relation to cancer (Review)

Shubham Agarwal, Shreya Desai

Article Number: 58 Published online on: 23 September 2021
Article Open Access

Comparison of four endoluminal radiofrequency ablation devices and four power generators in an ex vivo bovine liver model

Stephan Rheinheimer, Anna Jacobsen, Philipp Mayer, Hans-Ulrich Kauczor, Andreas Horst Mahnken

Article Number: 57 Published online on: 14 September 2021
Case Report Open Access

Human papillomavirus and oral manifestations in a patient with HIV: A case report and literature review

Karthik Rajarammohan, Ravikumar Pethagounder Thangavelu, Saramma Mathew Fenn, Arun Viggness

Article Number: 56 Published online on: 13 September 2021
Article Open Access

Quality of life and its associations with illness perceptions over a 3‑month follow‑up period in patients with non‑small cell lung cancer: A prospective longitudinal study

Ayako Matsuda, Kunihiko Kobayashi, Kaoru Kubota, Yukari Tsubata, Kenichi Inoue, Rajen Ramai, Judith R. Kroep, Maarten J. Fischer, Ad A. Kaptein, Kazue Yamaoka

Article Number: 55 Published online on: 08 September 2021
Article Open Access

Hemodynamic characteristics of the right ventricle following gradient pulmonary artery banding in rats

Jiyang Song, Shutong Shen, Ying Wei, Wenli Li, Nan Wang

Article Number: 54 Published online on: 06 September 2021
Case Report Open Access

Use of bilateral internal iliac artery balloon occlusion as a preventative measure for a high‑risk hydatidiform mole treated with surgical evacuation: A case report

Sahar Abdulrahman, Mirna Elghobashy, Jules Dyer, Alaa El‑Ghobashy

Article Number: 53 Published online on: 31 August 2021
Article Open Access

Role of inflammatory and liver function markers in assessing the prognosis of patients with COVID‑19

Swathy Moorthy, Teena Koshy, Mahesh Kumar K, Santhi Silambanan

Article Number: 52 Published online on: 26 August 2021
Article Open Access

An updated evolutionary study of the nuclear receptor protein family

Louis Papageorgiou, Livia Shalzi, Katerina Pierouli, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Symeon Manias, Konstantina Dragoumani, Nicolas C. Nicolaides, Antonis Giannakakis, Flora Bacopoulou, George P. Chrousos, Elias Eliopoulos, Dimitrios Vlachakis

Article Number: 51 Published online on: 25 August 2021
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November-December 2021
Volume 3 Issue 6

Print ISSN: 2632-2900
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